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Epic Manager is a 2D Strategy RPG based in an Epic Fantasy world where, for the first time ever, you create your very own Adventuring Agency! As the manager of this agency, your job is to send adventurers throughout the realm to accomplish quests in return for farm and a percentage of the loot ! The goal of the game is to be a fun and addictive mix between puzzle, strategy & logic oriented gameplay when managing parties, narrative Events and adventurer progression, and a completely frantic but strategic timebased gameplay when resolving quests and encounters.

The original concept behind the game was based off the mechanics found in the developers' favorite games. On one hand, progression in the game is heavily inspired from japanese tactical RPGs and tabletop games with systems that are easy to learn but hard to master. On the other hand, the world map deployment and management aspects of the game are closer to grand strategy games with an emergent narrative. Mixing these mechanics in an epic fantasy setting is what makes Epic Manager a unique and fun experience for all gamers.

Game Features[edit | edit source]

  • A Vast Realm With Random Encounters to Explore! Over one hundred different Locations with unforeseen challenges! It could also be an ambush, hidden treasure, a new recruit, a secret quest and much much more!
  • Emergent Narrative Shaped by Player Choices! Face situations that require crucial decisions which will shape your destiny! Make choices and live with the consequences.
  • A Scouting Based Recruitment System! Send Scouts to find the greatest and most powerful adventurers, negotiate a contract to add them to your agency’s roster!
  • A Challenging Questing System! Will you play it safe or push your luck? As always, high risks bring high rewards... or death.
  • A Strategic, Fun and Frantic Combat System! Prepare for combat by equipping your adventurers with the right Skills and Spells for the Quest or Encounter they are about to face! Execute your combat strategy by timing your abilities right and dealing with whatever you’re facing has to throw at you!
  • An Innovative Class System Based on Character Potential! There are currently 16 basic classes to choose from and multiclassing the right way can unlock several hidden prestige classes! Every adventurer has an "Epicness Level" that dictates how many times he can multiclass and eventually how strong he can become!
  • In-Depth Party Chemistry & Synergy! On top of training and equipping your roster, every adventurer is unique and his personality and Class Traits affect the party in many different ways. Figuring out your adventurers is part of being an Epic Manager and making your parties as efficient as they can be!
  • Gather Knowledge and Lore! Through field experience, Scouting and tomes, you will be able to gain substantial advantages over Enemies, Monsters and opposing Agencies.