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All-in-all, there's more than 100 unique Locations for you to explore in Epic Manager! In turn, these locations are organized into region types. Each location is unique and contains tons of random encounters, events and quests that will make your playthrough different than everyone else's! You create your own story by going where you want when you want! Knowing what to do with the information you gather and using your gold intelligently will undoubtedly help you on your way to becoming the Epic Manager!

List of Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Tavern: Visiting the tavern is always useful to get the latest information, hear rumors, find interesting folk to recruit or quests of a shadier kind...
  • Town Center: Here you’ll find advertisements for services, Wanted posters, government mandated quests, tournaments or festivals and more.
  • Merchant's Plaza: Here is where all the merchant caravans unite to sell their goods! Blacksmiths, leatherworkers, apothecaries, enchanters, etc.
  • Magi Towers: The magis are a very secretive and... elitist... folk, but they still offer some of their services to the commoners in exchange for gold!
  • Pillars of Faith: Priests are available to give advice to wayward souls and don't hesitate to talk to them to obtain divine blessings or healing.
  • Training Grounds: The best way to better an adventurer without risking his life is to make him practice for long hours… at your expense, or course.