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Scouts are our eyes and ears in the realm. You can send your scouts on different missions, such as:

Recruit - You can send your scouts to the populated areas in the realm in order to scout for prospects and get a list of viable recruits to add to your agency's roster. Getting a marketing campaign done ahead of time will greatly help the number and quality of recruits your scouts will bring back.

Investigate - Once you accept a quest, it isn't always clear how hard it will be or what would be optimal in order to complete it easily, that's when it's best to send your scouts so they can come back with crucial information to help you obtain a flawless victory! Oryou can always push your luck, go in blindly and hope for the best...

Gather information - Visiting certain areas in the game will provide you with knowledge that can help you obtain new quests, the location of unique items, lore, advantages over enemy types and more!.